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最新消息 (NEWS)



1) 請各位顧客進入店內時戴上口罩。

   Please wear a mask when you enter the shop.

2) 各分店繼續為顧客提供洗衣服務,維持正常。

   All our shops are operating as normal.


The closure of our shop in Caribbean Coast

本公司位於東涌映灣園的分店經已結業。如欲繼續使用本公司服務,顧客可前往鄰近的 富東逸東 分店。本公司感謝顧客多年的惠顧。

如閣下仍有衣物尚未取回,煩請移玉步到 富東 分店領取。

Our shop in Caribbean Coast has closed permanently. If you wish to continue using our services, please go to our nearby shops located in Fu Tung Plaza or Yat Tung Shopping Centre. Thank you for your custom.

All uncollected items have been sent to our Fu Tung shop.


Typhoon and Rainstorm Warning Arrangement

如天文台於下午2時或之前 改發/取消 3號或以下強風訊號,各分店將盡快重開營業。如天文台於下午2時或之後才改發 / 取消,各分店將暫停營業一天。

When Tropical Cyclone Signal No. 8 or above or an "Extreme Condition" accouchement is lowered or cancelled at/before 2p.m., shops will re-open for business until normal closing time. If the signal is lowered or cancelled after 2p.m., shops will remain closed for the whole day.

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